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Default Re: Throw distances projectors $3000.-$6000

Originally Posted by mathew@claritysightsound. View Post
JR1881 is completely correct. I have first seen people make the high gain mistake a lot (even pro's), and the screen size for that budget is big.

Can you control the light in the room well? If you do a 16X9 screen I would stick to about 120 inches max. That is still a real wow factor, and if you want to spend a little more the JVC RS2 is coming out is better that the RS1. I have seen it a training class with JVC and ever since I am patiently waiting for my demo one for our theater.

Good luck.
I've compared the two models and the RS2 is an improvement but it has less light output so in the case of the RS2 I'd go no bigger than 110". In fact due to the potential of the unit I'd likely go 100" or less if I was putting an RS2 in my home. A 100" RS1 or RS2 properly calibrated really stuns. It will flat out immerse you in the film despite the fact that 124" screen you're planning would dwarf it in size.

Your best bet is the RS1 with a 110" screen in my opinion. It's closer to your goal of 124" and can hug the ceiling. It also fits in your budget. Sure the RS2 is an improvement but a budget is a budget.

You'd get a kick out of the RS1.
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