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Default Re: Best sounding DVD-Audio discs

My vote would have to be the self-titled album from Crowded House. I've had that album in my collection for over 20 years, and as a musician, I learned the guitar, bass, and vocal tracks as close to dead on as possible, without actually sitting in on sessions with the band.
Hearing an album I was so intimately familiar with suddenly become almost foreign to me was at first shocking, but after a couple listens I was swept away by the openness of the musical environment. I felt like I was in a rehearsal session, surrounded by everyone else in the band.
Vocal harmonies previously hidden in the 2 channel mix were sounding out clearly in their own channels, prompting at least one phone call to a former bandmate, claiming victory in the argument over whether the harmony was ever actually there.
I'm hoping and praying to the remastering gods that the remainder of Crowded House's catalogue, as well as Split Enz and the solo Finn works will eventually get the same treatment.
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