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Default Re: What do you expect from a stock remote?

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
I think reviewers are way too picky about remotes. Whenever I get a new piece of equipment I immediately program my universal remote so who really cares how the stock remote is when I never even touch it? Yeah some remotes are more ergonomic than others, but I think most people with a home theater have a universal. The only gripe I have is that the frequency for my linn unidisk 1.1 gets picked up by my krell hts 7.1 and sometimes gets screwy.
For those who own a true home theater sure...

but what about the majority where a home theater consists of a big screen TV and surround sound. The remote is extremely important because it's likely what they will actually be using. Harmony Remotes and their like still don't sell as well as Receivers, TVs, etc. so people are obviously using the stock remotes.

Personally I like it when a stock remote is just a rebadged Universal of some kind.
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