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Cool Re: Throw distances projectors $3000.-$6000

would like to know if there are any projectors on the market that have a throw distance of 28 ft?? I plan on having a 9ft. wide x 6ft. screen with speakers mounted behind the screen.

If the word of an ISF multi certified calibrator with 30 years of experieince in the biz carries any weight, Your screen is Waaaay to big for your budget. Since I require that a projected image have better color saturation than a Pioneer Plasma TV, then you would need to have a very serious light engine in the 50K plus range for a screen that big. Now if you insist on screwing this up and settiling for a washed out picture, then the Runco CL810 Ultra with Proteus E, or the RS-1100 Ultra with Proteus F lens will work great. Niether of these are in your stated budget though. The aforementiond JVC would look great on a 80 x 45 inch screen but nothing large than that. I will tell you that better quality pictures are much more enjoyable than having your friends see it and say yea its big but my Plasma has much better color and detail. This is why most people think that projection is always a sub standard picture. properly done, front projection is the best picture that money can buy.
PS do not buy a high gain screen. The hot-spotting will drive you nuts.
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