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Default Re: Video sources into preamp

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
How many of you plug your video sources into the Preamp or just go right to your video display? I just plug everything right into the projector, I only have a DVD player and cable box. I'm sure with my next preamp, hopefully being the Krell 707, I will plug all video sources into it and then just run one HDMI cable up to the projector. I have a Krell HTS 7.1 that supposedly has "broadcast quality" video pass through, but still.
Nice rig! Intuitively i feel that directly connecting my source to the display is the best scenario. Adding a preamp in the signal chain seems like we're just asking for signal degradation. It really depends on your requirements. I've reviewed preamp/processors that when added to the video chain, challenged me to find a difference or hint of degradation, even with component cables. HDMI does a better job with cumulitive connections in my experience, although not all cables are created equal. My current fav is Transparent.

The situation of too many video sources to control complicates matters and forces one to make a decision on how to handle it. Typically if you throw enough remotes at a problem you can control every configuration, but if someone else tries to run the gear the likelyhood of getting lost in the remote control jungle is high. If you have the means that allows you to own a Crestron or AMX system you have your programmer set it up and your done.

Having one cable to a projector is nice. If you have more than one video source to deal with that means you'll have to learn to live with something in the video chain, either an external switcher/processor or preamp/processor. If your projector is capable of a naitive 1080p signal (BD, HD-DVD)then the only way to take advantage is with HDMI, as you have now.
For the family to be able to run my secondary setup, i use a Harmony 880 remote. If your not familiar with it its a "activity" based remote thats easy to program macros for watching TV, watching a movie, or listening to music, plus numerous other setups. If my wife can't get sound or a picture, she doesn't care how good the equipment is. I'm using the Anthem D2 with my Denon 2900 to the Sony SXRD XBR2. I run component from the Denon to the D2, it transcodes and upconverts to 1080p through the HDMI connection. Its a sweet setup. My Xbox 360 is also component and my Satellite is HDMI, which gets upconverted as well. I still have 3 HDMI inputs left on the D2 as well as 3 more component inputs. I don't feel like i'm losing anything in this setup. I'm still running component on my reference rig directly from the source, but once i change my 7" Sony CRT projector to a fixed pixel projector i'll go to HDMI and run it through the pre/pro so i can add a HTPC and such.

Good luck with your setup.
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