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Default Re: What do you expect from a stock remote?


I agree to some extent, I too use all universal remotes for my systems, and it would quite frankly be almost impossible to get the wife or step kids to use either system without them (not to mention my coffee table isn't big enough for all the remotes in the main room!) BUT I must say a remote IS important. This is a point that many companies miss, If you buy a $2,000 receiver, the remote should be able to control all your gear effectively, to date the only one that did a great job at this (after you learn the programming tech) has been the Marantz SSR8001, which uses their own universal remote.

I absolutely love my Teac Esoteric DV-50s for music, but the remote for that thing is so clunky and heavy I thought I broke the glass on my end tables more than once from it.
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