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Default Re: Trying to Decide on Receiver

Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
No ones asked what speakers you'll be using or, maybe more importantly, what impedence these speakers are rated at. What other features are important to you. etc...

Judging from the lack of information you given, just claiming "denon" is a huge disservice.
Well I trust watt ratings on Denon more than the other brands mentioned. They pretty much all share the same features too.

Plus I don't think claiming "Denon," as a choice over Yamaha and Onkyo is a disservice.

There aren't any good high end Receivers to mention in comparison. NAD, Arcam, Outlaw and others don't have HDMI 1.3 with nextgen audio codecs available right now.

I sure hope Outlaw changes that soon. I love pointing people towards their products.
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