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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post
I have a Revel B15 (x2) and can report that if you can find one used at less than $1600, you're doing well, so I suggest it shouldn't be in this comparison.

Alternately, in my second system, I have 2 HSU's, which I still think are the best bang-for-buck subs out there, and if you call them, many times Dr. Hsu will deal with your problem directly over the phone. Note that Outlaw subs mentioned below are, in fact, rebranded HSU's.

Check out the HSU's, and try for good prices on used stuff.
I too have heard that HSU and Outlaw are good bargains. Though I've not heard the JBL model mentioned, I've never been impressed with (more horrified with) JBL's performance with subs. Def Tech, M&K, REL (if you can afford it), are all good names (JL Audio seems to be making good inroads into the home audio arena).
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