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Default Re: Breaking in New Speakers

All equipment needs to be broken in. Buy a CD that has a track that sends out pink noise that varies over the entire audible spectrum. (The sound from a radio or music disc will not uniformly break in the equipment over the entire audible spectrum.) Play the track on repeat for as many hours as may be necessary. For the sake of the equipment, I've seen it suggested that the process be stopped periodically to allow the equipment to rest.

For the sake of your sanity, place your speakers facing each other and a few inches apart. Reverse the black (white) and red leads on ONE SPEAKER so that the speakers are wired out-of-phase with one another. Since the pink noise track is sending the same signal to both speakers at the same time, the signals coming from the out-of-phase speakers will (largely) cancel one another. You will still hear some sound if you are in the same room, but it be a heck of a lot lower in volume than if you were playing the track with the two speaker wired properly (in-phase).

When breaking in equipment other than speakers, some people substitute a resistor for the speakers. That way, there is no audible sound. I don't know the particulars of exactly how to do this.
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