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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

In December 1997, Magnavox sold through Sears a $799.00 DVD player. In the box was a sales flier for the Netflix movie rental service, in addition you got a coupon for three free movies from a choice of five. By June of 1998 my local Blockbuster had 25 DVD movie titles. Later that year there were 100 and everything snow balled from that point to where it's at today.

So to me the cost of a Blu-Ray player at $499 or even at $799 prohibiting the rental of Blu-ray movies at Blockbuster locations isn't really an issue at all. Based on my experience, the mainstream consumer will buy the hardware based on accessibility to the software, the moderate adoptor will succumb to the loudest marketer and the early adopter typically can afford whatever they want and often will purchase multiple formats just for access to the technology.
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