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Default Re: JBL or Velodyne

I doubt you could get a Revel sub for $500, they are awesome, but do cost.

I am not familiar with the JBL subs at all, but have a lot of experience with the Velodyne subs, they are very good, especially for HT, a little less musical than the Revel's Jerry suggested, but a lot cheaper too. JL Audio makes a great sub as well, but they are also over your price point.

I would also look into the Outlaw subs as they offer a lot of bass for the money. for holiday, I am not working if that is what you mean! I have been thus tearing the house apart, I totally gutted my HT and redid the entire thing the last two days as a new rack came.... Holiday? Sort of, but some how I seem to work more on 'Holidays' than at work!

Now if I can only finish getting the Christmas decorations down and the tree out....
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