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Default Re: RUSH in surround sound

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
FYI - Acura has been offering DVD-A in cars for 4 years, BOSE has a universal (DVD-A/SACD,etc) head unit available and Sony recently mentioned 3 possible SACD capable head units in 2007! (about 4 years too late)

I'd also buy all the Rush albums studio or live in 5.1 surround. There were a few as strong SACD rumors in 2004 and then dried up. The new Rush album will be Dolby Digital 5.1 because the label lacks the testicular fortitude to use a high resolution format like DVD-A at the moment...
Thanks for the info. Just my opinion, but Bose will never get a dollar from me
Now is probably not a good time to make the 5.1 investment in the car yet anyway. I'll sit on the sidelines and see what shakes out.

I just bought Rush's Replay 3X DVD that has Exit Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure, A Show Of Hands, and Grace Under Pressure bonus disk, which has unreleased audio from the newly remasterd Grace Under Pressure concert sound track (not sure where that came from) in stereo and 5.1. Hopefully it will be like the Snakes and Arrows MVI @96KHz/24bit (which is sold out BTW). Still waiting for that to show up.
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