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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Awesome theater memorabilia!

Good luck finding places for it all!
Originally Posted by deacongreg
Bob Black, excellent movie props. I love the "Alien" especially. One of my favorite movies. Unfortunately I think they are now making a joke of Alien now with these AVP movies. Nice system as well. ENJOY!!
Thanks for the praise! My ultimate goal is to sell the house and move. I was planning on creating a new HT with a seperate lobby area in the basement. My current HT is in the second level above our garage. If we can ever sell the house (if the market ever returns to form) I'd start anew and have an entire room for all my posters, figurines, popcorn machine, vending machine, plaques and eveything else I've collected over the years. Just hoping the housing market picks up again before I lose interest.
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