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Default Re: Food Network in HD

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
That Pats game got more viewers than ANY non-playoff game in 12 years. Amazing.

I didn't watch it as there was no reason to see cheaters like the Pats get patted on the back one more time.
Well, of course I watched the game. But, you are right about the Patriots. Here is my thing, no one has really spoke about the fact that, Bill B. probably has a library of every team since he started taping. So whatever he gave the NFL and the commssioner, is nothing. Sure, teams are going to change plays and schemes, but they don`t expect other teams to be taping you either.

So, he can still draw on what must be a great source of collected info during his reign as coach in New England. That is what I believe, anyway.

As far as the amount of people watching, the undefeated season aspect of it, will draw the viewer that normally would not turn the game on, in the first place.
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