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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
HDTVs should self-calibrate.

Apple monitors do it.

It might not be a full ISF treatment but how hard would it be to make a 7 step setup for consumers in a "wizard-like" format? Ask a few basic questions and set the HDTV that way.
eXCELLENT IDEA. aLSO, THERE SHOULD BE A LITTLE STATEMENT IN ALL hdtv`s stating why calibration is important. Because, most people do not know. People need to be educated. I actually talked to the few people I knew at my church who I knew bought HDTV`s, and they had absolutely no idea about calibration, or why it was necessary. They will get to borrow my dvd video essentials disc.
Good idea Jerry. Now it needs implementation like everything else.
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