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Default Re: From AMX to Harmony - a true story

I've never had any of the high end controllers like the Crestron but I have had a few "Universal" remotes & can tell you the Harmony is so much better than those!

Most of the universal remotes worked like the Harmony's device function, that is you had all the remotes in one device but they didn't really work together.
The ability to have the TV, DVR & AVR on the same activity is great, push a button & everything that needs to be turned on is turned on & customizing the buttons is easy.
Oh yea & you can get it on sale for around $125 & the CSR in tech support are actually helpful.

The Harmony is so easy to program & use that I bought one for my parents & after it was all set up I only got 1 call about a problem (AVR didn't turn on), I walked them through the help function & they were up & running.
They love it & are not big on tech but have no problems using them.

I think the installers would have a problem with the high end remotes being user programmable, that would cut out a bunch of profit for them.
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