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Default Re: Big Blu-Ray movie sale

Well, once again thank you Moose for keeping more current on the best Blu-ray deals!

You need to get an HD DVD player as well so I don't need to hunt for them either!

I bought Hairspray and Entrapment as well as pre-ordered the new DVE HD Basic Cal disc on Blu-ray.

I hope you had a safe New Years, I personally hate this holiday, I suspect you too dislike it Moose, it seems to bring out the worst in the least and causes all kinds of pain and suffering I hate! I usually take call on NY so I don't need to worry about anything, I am in my little iron fortress of a hospital and just deal with the losers (I mean patients, well, sometimes you are surprised and they are citizens, but not that often, trauma isn't totally avoidable but it definitely strikes those who don't help themselves more often shall we say....)
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