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Default Re: From AMX to Harmony - a true story

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
A good friend of mine is swapping his ENTIRE home in West Palm Beach from a full AMX system to Harmony remotes.

That's like him trading in his Bentely for a Corola however the AMX systems have proven SO difficult to program and get support on - that he has given up. He wants control of his system in a world where it can take 3 weeks to get someone out to change one channel on your remote (and it costs you $500 for their time).

I understand his frustration. My Crestron based system sits waiting for installation and programing for new DirecTV receivers among other goodies. My system currently works but I don't have the new DirecTV boxes installed in all but one of my systems. With all of the HD content on the sat - I hate to miss out on it.

The idea that dealers can make a fortune selling AMX and Crestron stuff is fine by me but what I object to is the idea that you become a slave to them for even the smallest of changes to you system. Sometimes, in my system, my programmer can make changes from the Internet which is GREAT and cost-effective. Right now, its the changing IP addresses and overall connectivity that is causing me grief.

This is why Crestron has to find an answer to the Control4 type of Automation Solutions.

They offer just as much automation abilities as the Crestron but if the home owner buys a new X, they just plug it in and tell the Control4 it's there with their own home software.

Systems like Control4 that are less expensive, intuitive and easy to navigate menus, and easy to upgrade are capable of slaying the Crestron/AMX hold on the custom installation market.

That is if it wasn't so much cheaper. I know many companies that won't give up that programming revenue. Which is a shame, because a tried and true intuitive interface is much smarter to deal with than customizing them for everyone and leaving you having to go reprogram their tablets, etc. just so they can use their new X.
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