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Default Re: Ideal ratio acoustically

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I'm in the early planning stages of building a dedicated home theater, I never built an attached garage since I have a huge shop in the back yard so I have a spot that's approx 33' long & 20" wide to add a theater on to my house.

The question is acoustically speaking is there an Ideal ratio for width, Hight & length for the room?
With a 30' length what should my other dimensions be inside the room to get the best acoustics?
1.14 times the room's height for width.
1.39 times the room's hieght for length.


1.28 Xh=w
1.54 xh=L


1.6 XH=W
2.33 XH=L

There is also the basic rule that one dimension can't be evenly divided by the other. You should add a 12'6" ceiling and you should be just about perfect according to the 3rd option for optimal sound.
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