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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I hear it is KILLER.

I am getting the one above this (I think the model is the RDS2) and using it with a DVDO VP50 pro
The HD100 is the consumer version of the RS-2U that you're getting.

and YES it's killer. I saw one hooked up yesterday. I thought the RS-1 and HD1 were great, but this unit imho is like the KURO to plasmas. It's just not fair.

While it's better than the RS1 in contrast and color saturation, it's not as bright. However JVC has always been really honest in ANSI ratings. The unit is rated at 600 ANSI Lumens, but consider that is properly calibrated vs projectors who have much higher ratings but drop significantly once you adjust it.

Also it can have an anamorphic lens placed on it.

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