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Default Re: Is the recording industry trying to kill CD's?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Do you really think that if the judge agrees with them they would not start using that against everyone??
If the judge agrees that makes it wide open to use against everyone.

The RIAA is rapidly becoming the new KGB & Gestapo, if they give them an inch they will take a mile.

As an example Say some big wig in the industry like Jerry makes a big editorial on how bad the RIAA is for the recording industry, do you think for one second the next day they wouldn't be knocking on his door with a warrant for his computer & if he had any of his legally purchased CD's ripped to his hard drive that they would drag him to court because some judge made it possible by finding in thier favor on this case?
No judge is going to find in their favor on that. It would go against previous rulings.

I believe the RIAA needs to quit suing and get the FBI involved and make it criminal. Send them to jail and fine them. That will get the attention of people.

Piracy is wrong.
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