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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

Blockbuster has made a great decision by helping to accelerate the end of this format-war which has already gone on far too long.

Citing examples of exlusive HD DVD titles like "The Matrix" is a moot issue as that title will be appearing on BD later this summer, and WB will be releasing ALL of its HD DVD titles on BD as well. Warner postponed certain BD releases, like The Matrix, to coincide the BD release with new BD players that would be sold with BD-J interactivity from the start (current players need firmware upgrades). We all know that.

The longer the format war continues, the more we all lose out, because fewer consumers will be tempted to adopt either format as long as they fear a Beta/VHS scenario. The format war has yeilded some good things to-date, but it's time to cash in on those gains before they start to get overridden by the negatives of a sustained format-battle.

Toshiba is underpricing their players and taking a loss on each sale in a desperate measure to gain market with HD DVD right now. While that seems like a good strategy in the short-term, it's not a sustainable business practice and the lack of any profit on HD DVD hardware has kept other manufacturers from investing in HD DVD products.

BD prices will continue to fall and be at HD DVD levels within 6 months to a year. And even at a slightly higher price early on, having just one format will server as a greater encouragement for many enthusiasts to start to invest in HD media.
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