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Default Re: Why don't Media Center PCs have Satellite Receiver Cards?

Well, if you are betting man you will be in the right place to place such a bet! However, I wouldn't put too much money on it. With the recent changes to ownership of the two satellite companies, along with Dish's purchase of Sling Media and DirecTV's purchase of ReplayTV, I would hold on to your bet in regard to seeing something delivered (with dates) at CES. I would suggest that those acquistions are going to provide the PC based software along with the engineering to get them there.

Unless they have been intelligently planning during the 'quiet' period, I think we have a little while longer to wait.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
There is NO WAY I would want to switch from DirecTV's 100 HD channels to cable JUST to use a media center PC.

They NEED a sat card and FAST.

I bet I see some at CES...

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