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This list is sort of whacked up. First of all Beach Boys and the Wailers should NOT be so high on this list. Beach boys suck and don't deserve to be on this list at all. The Wailers would fit good at like 45 or something. Second, AC/DC and Rolling Stones should be in the top 20. Second, how come Black Sabbath is 70 instead of like 20. Black Sabbath are extremely influential and have great technical ability for many of their songs. 3rd, Motley Crue should be way higher on the list. They are probably the best hair metal band (that's right I said hair metal, I'm so sorry) and where the hell is KISS? Blondie should be higher. STP should NOT be in the top 20. Judas Priest is better than Iron Maiden and Motorhead. Where are the Ramones? Pantera is also missing. All that I said recently should be higher on list along with Slayer because they were very influential to the Death Metal category. Korn isn't on the list. Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, and the Clash should be in the top 20. Why is the Revolution in the 20? Also Green Day is not on this list. They should at least be in the 90s because they sold a LOT. Also, Radiohead, Kinks, Scorpions, and Kansas should be higher. Who should be a tad higher. Allman Brothers should be higher, as should Deep Purple, Cream, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Sex Pistols.

So basically put all these essences and you get my list (top 50).

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Beatles.
3. Pink Floyd
4. Rolling Stones
5. Queen
6. AC/DC
7. Jimi Hendrix Experience
8. Van Halen
10. Eagles
11. U2
12. Police
13. Who
14. Aerosmith
15. Doors
16. Rush
17. Guns N' Roses
18. Clash
19. Nirvana
20. Black Sabbath
21. Soundgarden
22. Ramones
23. Cream
24. Velvet Underground
25. Journey
26. Boston
27. Dire Straits
28. Deep Purple
29. Allman Brothers Band
30. Genesis
31. Lynyrd Skynyrd
32. Pearl Jam
33. Sex Pistols
34. Motley Crue
35. Earth, Wind, and Fire
36. Judas Priest
37. Iron Maiden
38. Motorhead
39. Bon Jovie
40. ZZ Top
41. Pantera
42. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
43. Beastie Boys
44. Bee Gees
45. Alice In Chains
46. Rage Against the Machine
47. Blue Oyster Cult
48. Bob Marley and the Wailers
49. KISS
50. Slayer
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