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Default Re: Pre Amp and CD Player recommendations

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Here are a couple of new products from Sim Audion that fit in your price range:

The MOON CD-1 CD Player and MOON i-1 Integrated Amplifier represent Simaudio's full-out assault on the price-to-performance ratio. Both models offer sonics and build quality that are unheralded at their respective price points. Possessing all of the hallmarks that MOON audio components are known for, the CD-1 and i-1 represent a new benchmark in high-end audio.

It's worth checking out.

I like the CD-1 but it's $300 more than the REGA with very similar qualities.

The integrated amp is more than he needs (he just needs a Pre-Amp because he has an amp).

I'm a fan of Simaudio but with his McIntosh bug I'd suggest spending less.

Still if it works well with the NAD Pre-Amp he may want to give it a listen.
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