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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

I am not a fan of either format, yet. I am just looking forward to the time when one format prevails so that I can finally buy a player, and start my collection all over again.

Above all, we want a player that is reliable, fast, and delivers the full potential of the disc for the best audio and video.

* I am all for Blu-ray, but am weary about how fragile the discs are compared to HD-DVD, and how durable the protective coating that Blu-ray needs will hold up.

* Some Blu-ray discs have poor quality transfers. For example, the Fifth Element is scheduled for a re-release. Blu-ray should be dedicated to putting out the best possible product at all times, there is no excuse for poor quality releases, especially when their competition can put out consistently great picture and sound quality. My greatest concern is that Blu-ray gets their quality control up to a consistently high level (which HD-DVD currently is able to produce) and is able to release what the consumers want and expect, the best possible sound and picture, this is particularly important after they win the format war.

It will be very disappointing if consumers have to wait for reviews of discs to see how good the transfers are before they purchase them, as we did with DVD.

Blockbuster will continue to rent HD-DVD through their online store.

When Blu-ray wins, I wonder what they will do to the prices of players; possibly inflate them by releasing new models? I think it will be quite a while for the full featured models to come down to the prices of current DVD players. The only opportunity will be when the HD-DVD players are on clearance. I will be interested in an HD-XA2 for $100 and Iíll stock up on the HD-DVDs for $5 each!
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