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Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The greatest "steal," in a surround sound system is imho their Symbol system. 4 Symbols, the Symbol Center, and Symbol subwoofer will blow you away. They were designed from the ground up as a 5.1 system and if this is what a high end audio company can do when that is their goal...


Rob Harley told me at the Denver show a few years back to go check out the Symbols. Worst mistake of my life....

Ever since I've wanted a set. They have no dealers in Texas and each time I remember that is what I want something gets in the way of me getting a set.

I've never witnessed a better Center ever....

Their Opus speakers ($14k) are also truly amazing. These speakers seem to have a lot of the midrange magic you find in Maggies and Martin Logans, but with bass that those brands would be envious of.

I really love them. I believe their Symbols ($3400 a pair) and the Anthonly Gallo 3 series ($3000 a pair) are the best speakers under $5k on the market. To me they're both complete steals.

I've hear the Eidolon Diamond too... I'm not sure if they're $35,000 good but... I was impressed.

Avalon is to me right up there with Wilson. If you have the money then you owe yourself the chance to take a listen to a pair if you're considering say Wilson.

Jerry should get a pair of Opus or the Symbol system and write a review.
Lotus, I with you on that. Jerry, this is one high end speaker company that for whatever reason, people have not been exposed enough to. Even at the shows I`ve been to, I have not ever seen the speakers represented. Maybe if they make CES, you guys, if you feel they are good enough, can get a few samples to review. That is a great recommendation Lotus gave of them.

But, everything I have read says the same. Avalon must have a limited network of dealers.
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