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Default Re: Which Isaac Hayes SACD is better?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Hot Buttered Soul:

Soundtrack From Shaft:

This is a tough call. The SACDs are better sounding than the CDs. BUMMER these aren't remastered into surround but glad to have them on SACD for stereo.

What is your vote?

Alright Jerry, I have an answer for you. And, I`m sure it will surprise some. But one thing about Mr. Hayes, is that he can take a classic song, and totally re-arrange like nothing you had heard before. The beginning of "Look of Love" is classic. And those background singers and horns!! But, the pop song "Our Day Will Come" I love his arrangement for this song. And, believe it or not, I did like the original. So, with Ike`s Rap starting out the LP, my choice is "To Be Continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

BTW, 3 weeks ago had this for $18.99 as a Mobile Fidelity SACD HYBRID. I went yesterday to go purchase it, and there are no more. What a shame. Now, I have to settle for one of those super saver cds.
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