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Default Re: Pre Amp and CD Player recommendations

Originally Posted by clew84 View Post
Good point and the idea of not overspending now is a good one. I am going to have to go take a listen to that combo then. I have always thought NAD is good for the money and spending more on the CD player is probably a better investment.

Of course a dealer of mine is pushing me towards keeping it all in the family and adding Bryston's new CD player and one of their preamps. However, that is a little much for my budget.
Here are a couple of new products from Sim Audion that fit in your price range:

The MOON CD-1 CD Player and MOON i-1 Integrated Amplifier represent Simaudio's full-out assault on the price-to-performance ratio. Both models offer sonics and build quality that are unheralded at their respective price points. Possessing all of the hallmarks that MOON audio components are known for, the CD-1 and i-1 represent a new benchmark in high-end audio.

It's worth checking out.

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