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Default Re: Pre Amp and CD Player recommendations

Thanks everyone - I have been away for the holidays so sorry for the slow response.

Looks like I have some auditioning to do. The NAD and Rega combination sounds interesting.

I used to like Arcam until they treated me poorly on a DVD player I used to own (the DV78 I think was the model). I may give them another try as I have heard great things about the FMJ line.

I was also looking at auditioning the Bel Canto Pre3 and Cambridge Audio gear. Their new CD player has been getting rave reviews.

Was at a store this weekend and auditioned a bunch of McIntosh tube gear with Thiel speakers. Absolutely amazing sound. There were 2 275 tube amps, a tube preamp, and MCD201 CD player, and also a SS integrated unit, the MA6900. We tried both combinations and then compared them to an Ayre preamp (V-5xe?) and their CX-7e. Both the McIntosh, one listening with tube and the other with the integrated, blew the Ayre pieces away. Wasn't even close. So I decided to get McIntosh at some point in my life (just not yet).
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