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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

Originally Posted by jnemesh View Post
Blockbuster has done this before...remember Betamax? So, how should they explain about "The Matrix"? Well, they should start by letting people know that the Matrix will be available this fall in Blu-Ray for starters! The only delay for the BD version was the ability to do picture in picture (using Java) and at a guess BD+ copy protection was probably holding up a few releases as well.

To the customers that bought the nice $300 HD-DVD player and are now upset that Blockbuster is not carrying their preferred format? Sorry Charlie! I hate to say it, but in every war, there is a winner and there is a loser. Mr. customer, I am sorry you have an expensive paperweight, but you knew that this might happen when you bought this with it!

I have been reading the "spin" in every press release since the start of this mess, and here is what I have found.

Blu-Ray group: "we sell more discs and have more players capable of reading and playing back Blu-Ray discs on the market. We have more studio support, and 15 of the top 20 movies of last year will be on Blu-Ray disc this year."

HD-DVD group: "the PS3 doesnt count! No really, it doesnt! Look at how many stand alone players we have sold. No, really, look! Dont believe the other group, we REALLY know what the customer wants! Never mind that we only have ONE major studio exclusively in our camp...we have a better format guys, really!"

If it sounds like I am biased, I am! I have stayed carefully neutral through 2 YEARS of this junk, telling my customers to wait and see. Finally, I can see the endgame in progress. Checkmate is just a couple moves away.

Guys, the writing is on the wall...if ANYONE doubts what I am saying, just go through the archives, look up all press releases from BOTH camps over the past 6 months, and you tell me. (let the flaming begin!)
I doubt what you are saying.
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