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Default Re: Why don't Media Center PCs have Satellite Receiver Cards?

I know this thread is a couple months old but I haven't seen the answer I believe to be the case. My understanding as to why we have cable cards today and not satellite cards is because the FCC mandate only included cable companies and NOT satellite or Verizon's Fios. I don't think we'd even see cable cards today if the FCC hadn't mandated it.

I've heard rumors that the likes of DirecTV is working on satellite cards but I did not hear anything specific. I would hope CES 2008 would shed some light on this topic. I'm getting tired of not being able to take full advantage of HD system integration without the need for an OTA antenna.


Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I suspect Andrew is right. This brings me back to the main problem in automation/integration today.

No Standard.

Everyone is trying to make a system to control lighting, distribute music, etc, but NONE of them use the same techniques or methods and are all incompatible with each other.

The best analogy I've heard was to compare this to shipping. Every shipping container is the same size, they fit obn cargo ships, trains and semi's allowing them to freely go by any route to get to there destination.

We have countless music servers, lighting systems etc and ALL of them use proprietary systems to function. Imagine how easy all these things would be if they all had a defined, standard connections. Something like how Firewire is defined. Any computer to use Firewire works with it. Imagine if all the multitude of current high end home systems could do that??
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