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Default Re: Its all too complicated!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Imagine if HDMI actually worked?

A would plug into B and into C and people would upgrade without fear.

Hmmm.... Where does this exist in the market? How about Apple who's stock soared from $9.15 (when I owned it a few years ago) to over $200 this week (and no, I don't own it and YES I am an idiot)
Using HDMI 1.3 devices with each other and using HDMI 1.3 category 2 cables I've found it to actually start being what it promised to be in the begining.

So there is still hope. I just hope there is no HDMI 1.4 ...

We need more simplicity and one cable and one cable type is certainly simple and the honest right answer.

The problem is that I pick up a new DVD player or next gen player and look at the back and I'm given a multitude of wiring options. This is still confusing. It would be a lot different if the only output was HDMI.

About Apple... I always got confused by the one button mouse. The thought of it still sends shivers down my spine.
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