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Default Re: Meridian Unveils iRIS Universal Dock for iPod

I do not know how I missed this one. But, this is astonishing to me. It seems there is nothing that Meridian can not do. They are without question a company at the fore front of todays technology.

Now, however, this may seem like a real dumb question, but here it is. I have either a HD DVD player, or PS3 and maybe like kennyt, a Esoteric SV - 60 universal player at home too!! Right??, Okay, now, why would I use my I - pod to playback a video, when I have these other top notch players?? I would think, that watching Siguorny Weaver in Alien in HD, would be better than thru my I - pod, yes?? Even with Meridian`s technology??

Or, is this for those who may not even have a DVD player?
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