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Default Its all too complicated!

Today, I am trying to understand why I get no audo
from my JVC/ Hybrid svhs/harddrive unit.
I am replacing wires, substitute of different things
and I have been at this for two hours.
Had the Geeks put a VU meter on the panel of the unit
I could tell if it was being fed a signal from the Cable
Receiver through analog video as Jvc is always behind the
curve and offered NO digital audio outputs. (Original Price
I have been working part time by Texas Instruments
promoting the DLP sets at Best Buy and I can tell you the
industry as sucessfully confused the consumer completely.
The Geeks are running everything and the marketing guys
must be the gofers in the CE industry.
Hell, without the remote its a major problem just to turn
these things on (Samsung excepted)
Sony and others need to put the Geeks in the back of the
corporate bus.
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