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Thumbs up Re: $1850 women's wallet?

I happen to be listening to some jazz right now myself, the title cut Walking in Space by Quincy Jones. Nice to hear about all the friendly service you received from Jimmy Choos. I remember a couple of years ago my Pastor, she was talking about a day she would like to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes. I had not heard of them at the time.
Also, good to hear that these places on Rodeo are customer friendly. Well, when my time comes, maybe I`ll meet you on Rodeo, and we can pick out shoes together for our wives.

Sound by Singer. I actually heard the Evolutions at Singer and met Dan from Krell at a announcement of his new product line there. Wine, cheese, and some finger food was present. And, a very famous character, can`t call his name right now, but was talking some trash, quietly. About how Dan will only sell a very few of these. Quite interesting. Singer was also raffling that small Krell 200 watt per intergrated amp. No, I did not win!!

But, the sound was utterly outstanding. It was really hard to put into words what I was hearing. But, it would say extremely open, and very clear. Through those huge JM LAb Utopias. Just wish (like always) they had some real music to listen too. Though, someone had a CD-R of some decent classical and jazz cuts.

Maybe, I will setup a time to go and listen to something there.
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