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Default Re: Can somebody help me?

Have you tried operating the equipment with the factory remotes and not the Harmony? Maybe I'm way off base, but I would take the batteries out of the harmony and try running the system off the factory remotes and see if your problems persist. The reason I say that, is a buddy of mine had a Harmony remote that was malfunctioning and "firing" random signals to his system, i.e. it would turn his cable box off for no reason. It took a couple of weeks and a few visits by the cable company to realize it was the remote not the boxes. It's rare, and truthfully, I've only heard of it happening once (to my friend) but you could see. Check your remote settings, maybe you activated a delay somewhere that you didn't know about. Are any of the componenents plugged into one another? For example, your cable box into the back of the receiver? If so it's possible you have something going wrong there which is causing gear to shut down or something. I don't know what else to say, really. It's a unique problem.
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