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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
So, did you ever get the current update?
No, I didn't. However, I just went to the Denon site, and downloaded the PDF regarding update instructions. It was put there on 12/21/07, and named "FirmwareUpdate-Web1128". My firmware information mostly matches what is displayed on page 1, yet my s/n is quite a bit lower than xxxxxx09001, it ends in 01996, to be exact. Seems to be a slight ambiguity in the directions; but if I use my Boolean logic knowledge of the application of "AND", I am in a quandry. I cannot perform Procedure 1, because my firmware numbers match, and I cannot perform Procedure 2, because my s/n is too low! (I previously posted my firmware information.)

Procedure 1 is destructive, yet the improvements (at least in the serial interface), I already have. I use HyperTerm a lot, and change the XM station, and the PS Base and Treble commands work just fine.

When I performed my only update, it was via the web browser, on 10/08/07. This got me to 1.28. I think it is the Procedure 1 process.

So, it is on to Procedure 2, right?
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