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Default Re: Decided:Sony BDP-S500 and Toshiba HD-A35

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
Well, according to the Samsung people it does not! Do you see Dolby TrueHD in the GUI. I just need to see it to believe. You seem either passionate about this player or you are trying to avoid buyers remorse. I actually hope you are right! I have waited 5 months for this player! When I heard the codecs will not be a part of this unit I was depressed for days. Why would Samsung lie?
I don't know who you talked to at Samsung but they were misinformed and did not lie to you.

If you read the specs it states under A/V quality:

Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital TrueHD.

It doesn't list DTS-HD Master Audio. It however DOES decode it just fine.

That specifically states that it can do every codec.

This is one of those horrible internet rumors that was started by a format hater. For some reason the other Format Haters jumped on it and have ridden this horse to near death.

Trust me it works, I use it and I definately know what I'm hearing. I have no buyer's remorse and Samsung let me have a prototype to test for weeks before I decided to BUY ONE FOR MYSELF.

This unit is GOLD. It's the best BD player I've seen and we compared it to the Pioneer and Denon just this week. It's equal to the XA2 for HD DVD playback. As a DVD upconverter it is better than both units you are considering substantially.

Look at the reviews on CNET. Nobody is complaining about codecs. They would be if they weren't there.
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