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Default Re: Sony to drop RPTV?

I just got my 60" Sony Bravia SXRD RPTV three days before Christmas -- on recommendation of our esteemed managing editor Andrew Robinson, who ended his tips to me with "You can get a top of the line Sony rear pro Bravia LCD TV that will be killer for more than a few years for the price of most budget LCD or Plasma TVs." Say no more, I ran right out and found one. Another reason to love, with great advice like that.

I couldn't be happier. Paid $1600 for it, and it rocks, and I don't even have access to HD channels yet (box coming). Even regular DVDs through my Onkyo player are awesome. Basketball games -- as God meant them to be. And its footprint is no deeper than the 32" Mitsubishi it replaced.

Think I should stock a bulb replacement? Will they become expensive or hard to get when Sony bows out?
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