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Default Re: Decided:Sony BDP-S500 and Toshiba HD-A35

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
well, I worked out deal to get the Sony BDP S500 for 500 and the Toshiba A35 for 399. So together they are about 899 versus 799. But I also get all the codecs unlike the Samsung BDP 5000. I spoke to a Tier 3 rep at Samsung and pressured him to help me understand the audio and he confirmed that it will not have the HD codecs. I was suspect about this from other forums and discussions with some other enthusiast. So for now I feel these two units will be the best for me. The S300 and A30 do not have all the codecs either.
The Samsung unit does all the codecs. I use it and have had no problems. Currently I'm having my Denon 3808 decode everything, but I've run it through Analog outputs too.

There are plenty of Dolby TrueHD titles and they've all worked flawlessly.

They say they will have a firmware update for DTS-MA. Trust me that isn't a big deal. Uncompressed is Uncompressed. Dolby TrueHD is just fine. It passes the DTS signal perfectly to a Receiver or Pre-Pro. It will work with DTS-MA soon.

Don't be fooled by everyone's confusion. A Tier 3 rep at Samsung may know as much about it as some salesperson at Best Buy.

The BD-UP5000 has better video than the units you're talking about and can handle the advanced codecs just fine. It is BD 1.1 compliant as well.

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