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Cool Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well that's what I was seeing & it was with these rankings,

01. The Bourne Ultimatum HD-DVD
02. The Simpsons Blu-Ray
03. Pirates 3 - AWE Blu-Ray
04. Harry Potter Blu-Ray
05. Harry Potter HD-DVD
06. Planet Earth HD-DVD
07. Spiderman 3 Blu-Ray
08. Transformers HD-DVD
09. 300 Blu-Ray
10. Planet Earth Blu-Ray
11. Blade Runner HD-DVD
12. Blade Runner Blu-Ray
13. Ratatouille Blu-Ray
14. Shrek the Third HD-DVD
15. Die Hard 4 Blu-Ray
16. Superbad Blu-Ray
17. Oceans 13 Blu-Ray
18. The Departed Blu-Ray
19. The Silver Surfer Blu-Ray
20. Casino Royale Blu-Ray

61 : 39
Was that last week or this week?
What this shows me is that when comparing like titles - to quote Dennis Quaid in Dragonheart - " No friar - its about the same size". Blu-ray has more studios so like I've said before HD-DVD will never sell more, but given identical titles, HD-DVD sells just as well and or better in some situations. To me that's the real test.
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