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Default Re: Everything through HDMI output?

Kennyt is right it's referred to as Transcoding by some and upconverting with others.

The majority of Receivers today will convert all signals to Component (The Red Green and Blue outputs). They may have HDMI but you will hit a price point where all the Receivers start to convert everything to HDMI.

Then you get Receivers that will upconvert the signal as well (yet more expensive).

For $499 at Best Buy you can buy a Denon 1708 which would convert everything to component and also have an HDMI output. Their $349 Receiver the 1508 won't upconvert the signal to component.

It will cost you $850 for their 2308 which converts everything to HDMI (and up to 1080p). The unit also does Dolby True HD.

The Onkyo site is down. However I bet you can find an Onkyo that does the same as the $850 Denon for around $650.
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