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Default Samsung LN-T5281F LED LCD or Kuro PDP-5010FD?

The Basics:

1080p 52 inch LCD Flatpanel with an LED backlight.

What's the big deal? Well the LED backlight is supposed to provide better blacks and more accurate colors than every other set out there.

Does it?

I've had this TV going for 3 days now.

I'm stunned.

As for black levels it is better than the Kuro Plasmas in a near complete black situation. The problem is you're rarely in that situation in normal viewing. The Samsung suffers from what people refer to as "Blooming," where bright parts of the screen leak into that black part making it far less perfect.

It also suffers from "small viewing angle," syndrome which is my own name for a small sweet spot for viewing.

But man how sweet it is to be in that sweet spot. While the blacks aren't as perfect as the Pioneer units in actual real viewing situations it's still pretty impressive. The blooming exists but it's not one of those situations where you notice it all the time. It's a subtle blooming that makes the set not match up in measurement comparisons.

Speaking of measurement comparisons lets talk color accuracy. The Kuro is an amazing set with substantial black levels that thrill. It however suffers from poor Green colors. The green color accuracy of the Kuro is its only downside. The Samsung doesn't suffer from it. In fact I don't know if I've ever measure more accurate colors on a TV set. I can't remember doing so.

Any ISF tech will tell you that black levels and color accuracy are the most important things to a great picture.

So I'm left with a very tough decision. Kuro or LED Samsung?

I'm leaning towards the Samsung. I really think the picture in the sweet spot is just a slight bit better in most cases. Plus it's 2 inches bigger for roughly the same cost.

I don't know if AVREV has one of these to review but you should get one to Kevin Miller ASAP. I'd love to hear his opinion on it.
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