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Default Re: Everything through HDMI output?

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not married to any price point, but I'm by no means an audiophile...I really don't need anything that will knock my walls down as far as power goes. Right now we're listening to everything through the speakers built into the TV, and we're fairly satisfied (I'm sure that gives you an idea of our level!). However, I know that I'd like the ability to add 2 bookshelf and 2 in-wall speakers later I want to be able to continue to pump the audio to the TV speakers, or external speakers when I get them.

I'd like at least 2 HDMI inputs...might someday get a Wii, and I have an old VCR that I have to hook up (component) because some moron gave my son a bunch of old kids movies on video tapes for Christmas! (Kidding of course, but I thought I was finally all DVD!)

Thanks for any suggestions,

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