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Default Re: Decided:Sony BDP-S500 and Toshiba HD-A35

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
Esteemed colleagues! I am done! I have decided to get two players as oppose to the Samsung BD-UP5000 because alone each player offere all the major functionality. Now this is where you come in. Can anyone talk me out of it with legitimate reasons. They both have the functionality (video and audio)- no ethernet on Sony but this is no big deal. Am I making the bext decision????

I see no reason to not get the BD-UP5000 it would cost less and perform equally if not better than the other two (at least it would outperform the A35 I think).

It takes up less space too.

I'd think it smarter to get the XA2 and a Sony BDPS300 if you're trying to go with two units.

The BD-UP5000 has so far been perfect for me. I've had no problems and it appears to handle every disc I put in it.
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