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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Doesn't really matter the Nielsen numbers are getting worse for BD people with the after Christmas sales.

Also BD did a similar BOGO but never with the success that HD DVD is showing with Amazon right now. They had 41 titles in the top 100 at one point. They are doing equally as well at Retail Stores.
1) The Nielsen's were 51% for Blu-ray the week TF was released. Are they worse than that? I didn't think so.
2) What success is HD DVD having with it's BOGO? We can see rankings, but have no idea what that means in terms of units sold. With no-one buying DVD's (this is a slow week traditionally in retail) it's the perfect time to have a BOGO on the biggest titles of the year and hitting #1 is not as large a feat as Memento, a catalogue title, hitting #2 in July 2007.
3) They are doing equally as well at retail stores? What's this based on?
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