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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

How in the world did I miss this thread with my two favorite topics... fast cars and expensive audio gear!?!

Why am I not surprised that Kennyt would be in here after seeing the words "AMG" and "Ferrari"?

In my experience excessive cost does not necessarily indicate outstanding performance - but it certainly increases the odds of finding it.

I've heard some pretty dreadful mega-buck systems and been very impressed with some ridiculously simple and affordable ones. However - everyone looks(listens) for different things and that is what really makes this hobby cool.

I can walk out of an audition with a raging headache while my buddy can think he has just had a religious experience while hearing the same thing. The trick is finding what it is you want from your system - and not going broke while you are looking for it! haha

Fast cars on the other hand is so much simpler.... as a big turbo and a tank full of C16 fuel is the holy grail!!
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