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Unhappy Everything through HDMI output?

Hi there,

Relative newbie here - got a really nice Panasonic 50" plasma, and after getting horrendous quotes from Tweeter and Best Buy to do to installation, I did it all myself, including mounting the unit above my fireplace, electrical outlets, drilling holes in the studs to run the wires, etc. Actually pretty satisfying to save so much money doing it myself...but I digress.

I purchased a cheap ($200) Sony A/V switch/amplifier, and was really annoyed to learn that it wasn't sufficient to just run the single HDMI wire to my new TV from the amp, I had to actually run a component set of wires (for component inputs), and a composite set for composite inputs. Could this be true? So when I want to change inputs I have to not only change the input on my amp, but also my TV? Insanity.

So, I returned the amp in search of a real piece of equipment that would do what makes sense - being able to really switch all the inputs regardless of their type into a single HDMI output to my TV.

So what I'm looking for is a suggestion for a nice amp that does just this - I can't seem to find a feature name for this piece of functionality anywhere to see if amps have it...could such a necessary feature be so obscure?

Thanks for any help you all can provide - maybe I'm just missing something.

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