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Default Buying your woman shoes in NYC

OK, I have to share this one with you if you are ever looking to earn SERIOUS points with your main squeeze when in NYC.

First disclosure: I grew up in Philadelphia and I was taught to hate NYC. As far as their sports goes - that is still easy to this day. Having lived in LA for 14 years now and having done a bit of business in NYC, I have to say I have fun in NYC in short doses. Being 20 and meeting your boss (Mark Levinson) at the Cello showroom was fun as a kid. Il Mulino in the village is something a wake up at night thinking of. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning looking at the scale thinking of it too.

Here is the PRO move, I developed and will share with you: Take a quick trip to the Museum of Modern Art. There is NOTHING LIKE IT. The collection is off the charts good. Don't make it too long of a thing but before say lunch just sweep over to the Manolo Blanik store which is RIGHT across the street. There is barely even a sign there and you have to be buzzed in. I don't get their shoes (too old woman and not enough hooker for me but...) women go nuts for them. $3,700 pumps, $1,100 sandals.

This smart little move on a Saturday morning in the city might just buy you some time to swing by and see Andy Singer later in the day. While she is still buzzed about the shoes she has in her bag - you can take a quick listen to some Krell Evolution amps - which are something to behold. TRUST ME!!!! Call Andy ahead of time, if you want the royal treatment. Tell him Jerry Del Colliano said to call and they will show you whatever you want to hear. If you aren't in the buying mood, be mindful of the salesperson's time. They will certainly be thankful for that.
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